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I am a singer songwriter in my books coffee candlelit room

lonely words that wait to be found by crumpled petal plucking plectrum

my calloused used fingertips singing notes that giving colour to grey

I sing in the first person singular but I don't know who I'm singing to

I live in a city with my fags queers and booze in a derelict ruin coffee stained petals strewn

my ear to the skin of my bottle cushion drum hearing evening rhythm shuffling in the morning going strong

and I hear a mmm falala and hum a world numbing ecstasy song

and I wake and kneel and pray for you in a morning smoke velvety hue

if time's a drone then you're the note

if time's a flow then with you I float

on flower's stem I see you grow

with petals strewn my world you sow

a book like a tome down here my thoughts

lofty and dumb in the deep of a well

still chasing a trace already gone

i laugh to pass away

you are a bunch of words writ in tow

to passing thoughts cast breeze blows strong

my mind like a tree swaying

a dance for our last deed

i'm lost

in a life elsewhere

a velvet petal

fallen upon the floor

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